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‘Blinkered’ decision to hold government-sponsored health jobs summit at casino condemned

2 Mar 2023

Gambling reform advocates have condemned the decision to hold a Victorian Government-sponsored  health jobs fair at Crown Casino, warning it highlights how blinkered our political leaders are to the massive health impact caused by gambling.


The chief executive of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Carol Bennett, said gambling in Australia has reached epidemic proportions and its health impacts are massive – but largely unrecognised.


“We know gambling has a profound impact on people both financially and impacting their health - leading to stress, mental health issues and suicide,” Ms Bennett said.
“And yet there is very little government funding for information, support and research into the health impacts of gambling in Australia and our political leaders continue to be captured by the gambling industry - its deep pockets, its hospitality and its political donations.”
Ms Bennett said the decision to hold Healthcare Jobs Fair at Crown Casino on March 4 was inconceivable. “We protect people, especially our children, from harmful products such as tobacco but there is little recognition of the devastating impact gambling has on individuals, families and communities.”
“To hold a health summit at a casino is blinkered and the symbolism is appalling.”

Australians lose more in gambling per capita than any other country in the world. We lose a staggering $25 billion annually to gambling.


Carol Bennett is available for interview

Media contact: Martin Thomas – 0477 340 704

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