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98% of NSW Council Candidates commit to reducing gambling harm in their community if elected

18 Nov 2021

The Alliance for Gambling Reform has today revealed that 98% of council candidates surveyed in the upcoming NSW Local Government election committed to implementing measures to reduce gambling harm in their communities if elected. Kate da Costa, the Head of Campaigns for the Alliance says:

“Protecting our communities from gambling harm is a local issue that needs local solutions. Which is why it’s so important that we elect representatives that aren’t beholden to industry bigwigs. “90% surveyed said they supported a ban on gambling ads. 94% pledged not to take donations from the industry and 98% committed to prioritising reducing harm in their communities if elected. “These results reflect a growing community sentiment that the gambling industry has bitten off more than it can chew. From being exposed for illegal practices in the recent Royal Commissions to bombarding us with ads for dangerous products designed to addict, it doesn’t take an expert to know that the community is growing sick and tired of this predatory industry taking us for a ride. “What we want everyone to know is that this election their vote is powerful and could mean the difference between their local council being pro-reform or being beholden to gambling lobbyists. “All of the survey results are published on our website. We’re encouraging all voters to know where their candidates stand and to vote accordingly.”

Kate is available for further comment.

  • Background Information: The Alliance for Gambling Reform surveyed council candidates across NSW in the lead up to the local government elections. From the 150+ responses we received from candidates across the state and political spectrum we can report that; 92% supported reducing opening hours in venues 94% agreed that local councils should have a greater say in granting or refusing development applications for that included poker machines 90% supported the banning of sports gambling advertisements, marketing and sponsorships 94% pledged to not take donations that derive income from gambling interests 98% committed to reducing harm from gambling in their community

Media contact: Martin Thomas – 0477 340 704

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