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Clubs NSW ‘reform’ plan is ‘too little, too late’, aimed at stalling real reform

13 July 2022

After resisting genuine reform for decades, the latest move by ClubsNSW to allow family members to ban people who have suffered gambling harm, is a cynical move designed to avoid real reform, the Alliance for Gambling Reform’s chief advocate, Tim Costello, said.

“It is impossible to see this latest move as a genuine reform as the whole business model of clubs is reliant on people who suffer gambling harm,” Rev. Costello said.

“It is too little, too late and it still puts the power in the hands of clubs and its so-called independent panel to determine if someone is impacted by gambling harm. “It is nothing but a cynical move that is designed to avoid the imposition of digital wallets and other reforms that terrifies the industry – reforms that would genuinely help those who are harmed by gambling.”

Rev. Costello said the announcement was a knee jerk response to the tragic case of the suicide of a person who was harmed by gambling who’s family had battled for years unsuccessfully with Dee Why RSL to have him banned.

“Following the death of Gary Van Duinen, there should have been immediate action by NSW Government and ClubsNSW to implement third party self-exclusion. There were promises to do this way back in 2019 but nothing happened. How can we now trust they will even do it now? Rev Costello said.

The Alliance’s comments follow news reports a proposal by ClubsNSW that family members of people harmed by gambling could have them banned from clubs.

Media contact: Martin Thomas – 0477 340 704

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