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Crown WA must be held accountable for harm caused

23 Mar 2022

Today the Alliance is calling for Crown WA to have its casino licence revoked, in a way that minimises impact on staff and the community. The Western Australian Government must also implement all the recommendations of the report into Crown as soon as possible. No holder of any future casino licence anywhere in Australia can be too big to fail.

Tim Costello, the Chief Advocate for the Alliance says:

“From east to west it’s clear after the events of the last few years that Crown is unfit to operate a casino practically anywhere in Australia.
“Today’s announcement that Crown WA won’t lose its licence, despite the staggering findings of the recent Royal Commission, is, at best, disappointing.
“The community rightly expect governments to hold this corporation accountable for the harm it’s caused to so many people. That’s why we’re calling on the Western Australian Government to implement all recommendations in the report as soon as possible and to revoke Crown’s licence in such a way that impact on staff and the community is minimised.
“Successive governments have allowed Crown to become too big to fail. Now is the time to fast-track reforms that would see us able to hold any future casino licence operator safely accountable without having a detrimental impact on our communities or our economy.”

Media contact: Martin Thomas – 0477 340 704

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