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Qld Star Casino findings applauded
But Star unlikely to lose its licence, undermining real reform

6 Oct 2022

The Alliance for Gambling Reform has welcomed the recommendations from the Gotterson

review that uncovered appalling failures at Star Casinos in Queensland.

The Alliance’s chief advocate, Tim Costello, said it was significant that 8 out of the 12

recommendations focused on harm minimisation recommendations. He also said the move to

increase to $100m the penalty a regulator could impose on a Qld casino operator had rightly

been brought into line with Victoria and NSW.

“There is much to be applauded in these recommendations and I implore the government to accept all of the recommendations in full,” Rev Costello said.

“But despite the finding that Star was not fit to hold the operating licence, history shows that it is extremely unlikely that they will lose the licence. And ultimately until a casino operator loses a license to operate there will really be no meaningful reform in this country.

“In the wake of appalling evidence of money laundering, facilitating of organised crime and fraud now in multiple states, it is hard to know how much more appalling the lapses need to be before an operator can no longer run a casino.”

Rev. Costello said there was now immense public alarm about the failings of casino operators.

He said the measures to stop fraud and money laundering and also to reduce harm should not

only be adopted for casinos but also for pubs and clubs across Queensland.

“The most significant recommendations of the review were for a full, mandatory and binding pre-commitment scheme, carded play and cashless gambling. And these are measures that must be adopted in casinos and pubs and clubs,” he said.

Rev. Costello said he was heartened that the report quoted the submission of the Alliance for

Gambling Reform 11 times and saw the Alliance as a leading expert and advocate on how to

minimise gambling harm.

Media contact: Martin Thomas – 0477 340 704

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