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Carol Bennett

Chief Executive Officer

News from our CEO

It’s been a busy time here at the Alliance with more public attention focussed on gambling and its harms than ever before.  A huge thank you to you for your continued support!  


The Alliance would like to share a few of the things we’ve been up to.  Here’s a quick whip around of what’s been happening.  As always, we appreciate your feedback and insights and if you would like to support our work you can do so here

Out and About

On Tuesday, June 14, we hosted a successful fundraising event, “An evening with Tim Costello”. The evening focused on what we can do to stamp out sports gambling ads, and shared powerful stories of the lived experience of gambling harm.


We also attended the National Australian Local Government Association conference in Canberra, working with many of our Leadership Councils to denounce gambling harm and work towards offering alternative late-night options.


The event was attended by Carol Bennett (CEO), Kasuni Mendis (Councils Gambling Harm Support Officer) and Board member Susan Rennie.


In other local government news, we are working closely with Kingston City Council, in an effort to close a planning loophole enabling close proximity of gambling venues and supermarkets.

Image from iOS (11).jpg

Alliance staff with representatives from Kingston City Council at the ALGA conference

Campaign Updates


We’ve been keeping abreast of the Royal Commissions into Crown and Star Casinos.
We’ve welcomed the Australian Communications and Media’s (ACMA’s) actions towards a National Self Exclusion Register and Hawthorn Football Club’s divestment form Poker machines.

We’ve supported the Victorian Gaming Minister’s new Gambling harm minimisation measures,

We supported the Mparntwe/Alice Springs community in its campaign to stop new poker machines in their community with a petition and call for submissions.

We eagerly await the results of the NSW government’s White Paper on gambling harm minimisation

Latest Blogs

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Voices for Gambling Reform -
"A journey from harm to empowerment"

In June, Anna Bardsley, Paul Fung and Carolyn Crawford presented A journey from harm to empowerment at the 2022 NZ International Gambling Conference.

They spoke about their work within Voices for Gambling Reform, a key program of AGR that supports and empowers people impacted by gambling harm to be powerful advocates for change.

Too often “consumers” are engaged in ways that are shallow and disrespectful of their knowledge and expertise, instead of being given meaningful decision-making power and being included in organisational power structures.

The workshop invited participants to do better in this area. 

Image by Christin Hume


This month, we provided submissions to the NSW Crime Commission clubs and pubs inquiry into money laundering, input to the Vic Department of Justice for the Royal Commission legislation and the ACT government on lower bets and credit limits inquiry.

We are currently working on two major casino inquiry submissions in both Queensland and South Australia.  We will engage our Voices for Gambling Reform group to bring lived experience to the fore.

Social Media

Here are some of our most popoular stories on social media.
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NSW Netball Teams Back Gambling Ad Ban

5 April 2024

The mistake raised calls for gambling advertising reform with the ground-based ads engraining gambling practice within the sport itself. According to the Alliance For Gambling Reform, three in every four kids believe that gambling is a normal part of sports, and anyone 12 or younger has never watched a sporting game without bearing witness to gambling advertising of some capacity.


“An Error Was Made In Round One”: Tabcorp Admits To Breaching Its Own Advertising Rules

3 April 2024

The mistake has raised calls for gambling advertising reform with the ground-based ads engraining gambling practice within the sport itself. According to the Alliance For Gambling Reform, three in every four kids believe that gambling is a normal part of sports, and anyone 12 or younger has never watched a sporting game without bearing witness to gambling advertising of some capacity.

“I am now reluctant to allow my child to view the footy fixture online due to the ‘Bet Easy’ icon next to the game. I also feel annoyed and dismayed at the AFL that they have allowed a gambling company to infiltrate the game,” an anonymous source told the Alliance For Gambling Reform.


Alliance wants NT’s online gambling laws strengthened

13 March 2024

Alliance for Gambling Reform CEO Carol Bennett has called on the Commonwealth to overhaul the NT government’s dismal regulation of online gambling advertising and cease offering a tax haven to multi-billion dollar foreign operators. “The NT Government, which benefits from large revenues generated from online gambling, has now given itself the power of veto over the decisions of all other authorities,” Ms Bennett said. “This not only reduces transparency but also gives people no confidence that the government will act to reduce gambling harm, especially given significant regulatory failures already identified by the national online gambling inquiry.”


This community club took extreme measures to kill off its pokies

6 April 2024

“The Hastings Club is reacting to state regulations that limit its capacity to meet increased liabilities at a time when returns from gambling are diminishing,” said the Alliance for Gambling Reform chief executive Carol Bennett.

“The government should be providing clubs every opportunity to surrender poker machine entitlements for the benefit of the community, but this is unlikely given the parlous budgetary situation in Victoria,” she said.

“A government focussed on reducing gambling harm would strive to reduce overall pokies entitlements altogether. Revenue from gambling should not be propping up the Victorian budget.”


Network Ten's gambling complaints

12 March 2024

Complaints have been lodged against Channel Ten's Survivor Australia program over concerns it integrated gambling ads into the show. Financial Counselling Australia say contestants on the show competed to win a prize from the New South Wales Lottery agency called 'Set for Life'.


Monday Matters Podcast: Interview on gambling ads

18 March 2024

CEO of the Alliance, Carol Bennett, joined Ian Bunston on his podcast Monday Matters. They were joined by lived experience advocates Reggie Stockwell and Ken Bone who shared their “incredible stories, and incredible contributions back to the community”. The podcast focused on strategies to tackle gambling harm, in a powerful conversation.


You can also see all the latest media featuring the Alliance for Gamlbing Reform via our website.

You can also view our latest Media Releases.


Independent Reviews into casinos operating in Queensland and South Australia are now underway.  AGR has worked to achieve input to NSW, WA and Victorian Inquiries to date.  

Your financial support will enable us to provide timely and high quality advice and advocacy, informed by expert evidence-based harm reduction policy recommendations and the input of people with lived-experience of gambling harm.  


Alliance for Gambling Reform is proud to partner with Gathered Here to offer you the opportunity to write your Will for free (plus free & unlimited updates of your Will for life).

If you don't have a legal will, you can get a free, simple online will through Gathered Here.

Bequests can also be made to the Alliance for Gambling Reform to continue our vital work.

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