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Please note that we are legally obliged to record contact details such as your address and name. We also ask for your email and phone number so we can supply you with a receipt of your donation and to thank you for your support. We will never share your information with anyone outside the Alliance unless obligated to do so under the law.


There has never been a better time to push for gambling reform!

So far this year we have seen significant movement towards gambling reform in Australia. The shift by politicians, the media and most importantly the public in understanding how critical changes to gambling are in Australia has been monumental.


And it’s thanks to you. 


Alliance supporters play a key role in ensuring gambling reform is firmly on the agenda and there is no doubt that has been the case this year.

We’ve seen the NSW Government, the ‘belly of the beast’ when it comes to gambling harm in Australia, commit to real reforms following the election where changes to poker machines such as the cashless gambling card became a major issue.


We’ve had a Federal Inquiry into Online Gambling and its impacts on those experiencing gambling harm. We’ve launched a Federal Parliamentary Friends of Gambling Harm Reduction Group. We’ve seen a commitment to ban the use of credit for online gambling. We’ve seen independent MPs put up private members' bills to ban gambling advertisements.


Our Voices for Gambling Reform have been indefatigable in their various efforts to ensure those with lived experience are at the forefront of decision making when it comes to preventing gambling harm. Our Leadership Councils have been leading advocacy efforts to see crucial changes in Victoria. And our supporter organisations have taken a stand on key reform issues such as the promotion of gambling as a harmful product.


We’ve seen and been part of hundreds of news stories across all major media outlets highlighting how major and crucial this issue is. There are no longer any excuses for delays to act, and we know politicians are feeling the pressure.

To keep up this momentum and to ensure our work can continue to grow we’re asking our supporters for a tax-deductible end of financial year donation. 


For every 10 dollars we receive in donations, we can extend our reach to one more politician, one more senior government official, one more journalist. And while there may be no instant payoff, we are slowly and surely making Australia a safer and fairer place for all of us by limiting the reach and impact of the gambling industry.


Will you donate here? 


If you’re unable to donate, please share this email with your friends and family or share our work on social media.


We wouldn’t be here without you and your commitment to gambling reform. So for that, we thank you.

All donations are tax-deductible.


Making or changing your Will to include a gift to the Alliance for Gambling Reform could be as simple as contacting your legal advisor.  Alternatively, you can use an online option to create a simple Will. We’ve partnered with Gathered Here, Australia’s #1 end-of-life services site, who host a free and easy step-by-step online Will writing service. It takes less than 10 minutes. Write your free Will now

Image by Hannah Busing
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