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Karen Carey

Karen Carey

Board Member - Deputy Chair

Karen Carey was the co-founder of Tonic Health Media, which is a communications network

that disseminates high quality health information to patients and GPs at more than 5,000

healthcare environments across Australia and has an audience in excess of 50 million

viewers each year.

Karen Carey has more than two decades experience as a consumer representative and is

the former Chair of Consumers Health Forum of Australia, a former Chair of Health

Consumers Council of WA. She is a former Member of NHMRC Council and the inaugural

Chair of the NHMRC Community and Consumer Advisory Group.

Karen has extensive experience in consumer representation, community, consumer and

patient communications, and health and medical research, and also has more than a decade

of experience in state and federal government strategic planning and project management

in the healthcare sector, including the organisation and conduct of large consumer


Karen has a particular interest in improving the engagement of, and communication with,

the community to ensure that social welfare programs meet the real needs of the target


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