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Voices for Gambling Reform Manager

For the past 10 years Kate Seselja has passionately contributed in the areas of Advocacy for Gambling Reform and also in various roles in the mental health and recovery space.

Kate uses her 12 years of experiencing Gambling Harm, to now create positive change on every level, from influencing policies to changing vernacular. Her authenticity and vulnerability create a pathway for others to learn from and connect to safety and understanding, by breaking down stigma and shame.The passionate mum of 6 has turned her adversity into a mission to coach, educate and inspire others through founding The Hope Project (a social enterprise) in 2015.

Kate is a Recovery Coach and worked 2017-2022 for Los Angeles based IGNTD Recovery, Kate completed Mental health education training through MIEACT and made contributions to programs offered by the Mental Health Org. Kate is Co-Chair of Canberra Gambling Reform Alliance (CGRA) and is appointed to the Ministerial Advisory Committee to implement new gambling reforms in ACT and also serves on the Gaming and Racing Commission -Community Advisory Committee. Kate is a TEDx speaker and recently gave a keynote address at the Rethink Addiction Conference 2022. She has won a number of awards; Women with Altitude ‘Most inspiring person of 2018’. She has been featured on a number of publications, podcasts and television programs like The Today Show, ABC’s ‘You Can’t Ask That’, SBS ‘Insight’ and CNN’s ‘Vital Signs’.

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