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Bill to ban gambling ads on broadcasting platforms applauded - But ban must also be extended to ban social media platforms

22 May 2023

The Alliance for Gambling Reform has applauded a private member’s bill by Federal MP Zoe Daniel that would ban the broadcasting of gambling advertisements on television, radio and streaming services. But does it go far enough?

The CEO of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Carol Bennett, said the bill demonstrated political leadership that she hoped the Federal Government would heed as it considers the upcoming report from its inquiry into online gambling.

“There is white hot public anger at the tsunami of gambling ads on our screens. Parents are furious they are not able to protect their children from a highly profitable and predatory gambling industry that is targeting our young people,” Ms Bennett said.
“But as good as this bill is, it does not go far enough, there must also be urgent government action to ban gambling ads on social media platforms that our young people are using like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat.”
“It is often online where our kids are being cleverly targeted by the gambling industry, through tailored ads that their parents never see.”

Ms Bennett said even the Prime Minister has publicly expressed his dislike for the ‘annoying’ gambling ads in our media.

“The government should now show true political leadership and move to comprehensively ban gambling advertising across both broadcasting and online platforms” she said.

Ms Bennett said online gambling was the fastest growing form of gambling in Australia with annual losses now totalling up to $7 billion.

“We would encourage politicians on all sides of the political divide to come together to protect our kids, to protect our community from the constant bombardment of gambling advertising that has hijacked much of our sport in Australia,” Ms Bennett said.
“Only a total ban on gambling advertising will work.  We know historically when tighter restrictions have been introduced during live sport back in 2018 it led to a 50% increase in the total volume of gambling ads on tv and radio.”

Media contact: Martin Thomas – 0477 340 704

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