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Welcome to November 2022



If you had arrived in Australia from another country in the last month and tuned into our media for the first time, you would think we are a country with an obsession about the impact of gambling. The media coverage is unprecedented. Of course this has not been the case in recent years.  Gambling harm has been a hidden issue.  Australians have been blind to our position as the world’s biggest gambling losers. 

The successive casino inquiries, Royal Commissions and the NSW Crime Commission report together with saturation online and broadcast sports gambling advertising have shone a spotlight on our gambling - hopefully for the good.  

With State elections coming up in Victoria and NSW, it is pleasing to see more focus on gambling as a key election issue - especially in NSW where the big policy discussion focuses on the NSW Crime Commission recommendation for a cashless gambling card.  This follows bipartisan support in Tasmania for exactly that, a first for Australia mandatory pre-commitment scheme and cashless gambling card.  The Alliance welcomes these developments and strongly supports this policy direction as one of the best ways to reduce gambling related harm.

It was pleasing to see the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs announce the Inquiry into Online gambling and its impact on those experiencing gambling harm.  I note that the original title was changed by the committee - who listened to the request of those with lived experience - to reflect a less stigmatising approach.  

The Alliance has provided a submission to the Online Gambling Inquiry together with 10 of our lived experience representatives (both in our submission and in separate submissions).  Our submission was the subject of a major news article and The Alliance looks forward to an opportunity to provide evidence on our submission to the committee.

It was fitting that all of this activity co-incided with Gambling Harm Awareness Week in October and we used that as an opportunity to host an event in Deer Park to coincide with the launch of our poker machine opening hours policy paper.  A big thank you to Carolyn Crawford who has spent many hours compiling information about opening hours across Victoria’s pubs and clubs.     

On the media front, interest just keeps growing exponentially and especially in NSW.  In the last two weeks the Alliance has had multiple opinion pieces published in key media outlets including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian and the Canberra Times. 

In Victoria, yet another record fine was handed to Crown Casino ($120m) for breaches of responsible service of gambling.  This is quite incredible, especially when you consider that the maximum fine was $1m just a few months ago!  

Sports gambling advertising is another media topic gaining momentum as an important national issue, and the Online Gambling Inquiry will only continue to attract attention and calls for action to end or restrict gambling ads.  

I hope you enjoy reading about the work we are doing to continue to drive the increasing community, media and political focus on the impact of gambling in Australia. 

Let me finish with a gentle reminder that the amazing work of the Alliance is only possible because of the generosity of people who share our commitment to making Australia a safer and fairer place.  The support you have given us has enabled the Alliance to take on one of the most powerful industry groups in Australia.  We are starting to make a real difference, the conversation is changing, and with your continued support we can and will reduce gambling harm in Australia. 

You can donate to support us here.

Carol Bennett

Alliance for Gambling Reform CEO

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Gambling Harm Awareness Week was held 16-24 October in most states, and we used the opportunity to raise awareness about gambling harm as well as launching our Victorian Election policy platform.

Our Election policy platform launch took place at a well-attended event in Deer Park, Melbourne where we highlighted the need for uniform opening hours throughout Victoria.

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New research leads to calls to establish a national gambling regulator.

Australians lost more than $11.4 billion to poker machines in pubs and clubs across five states last year according to the first comprehensive, national analysis of available loss figures which cements Australia as the world’s biggest losers to poker machines per person.

And the researchers warn that without the pandemic restrictions, hotel and club gambling machine losses are likely to exceed $13 billion next year.

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We’ve been keeping abreast of the Royal Commissions into Crown and Star Casinos.

We’ve welcomed the Australian Communications and Media’s (ACMA’s) actions towards a National Self Exclusion Register and Hawthorn Football Club’s divestment form Poker machines.