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Gambling-ad-free Matilda coverage ‘a revelation’ - World Cup shows why banning gambling ads is vital

16 Aug 2023

Media coverage of the Matilda’s World Cup exploits - which have been largely absent of gambling advertising - shows how the major sporting codes can thrive without bombarding fans with gambling ads.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform’s Chief Advocate, Rev. Tim Costello, said the coverage of the world-beating Matilda’s has made a refreshing change.

“To be able to watch live sport and not be bombarded with endless gambling advertisements has been a revelation,” he said.
“Not only has it made the game far more enjoyable to watch, it has also powerfully demonstrated just how well the major sporting codes can do without the corrupting influence of gambling advertising.”

A parliamentary inquiry has recommended a total ban on gambling advertising that would be phased in over three years. The Government has yet to accept the recommendation.

“We know the bosses of commercial television and the country’s major sporting codes are vehemently opposed to this ban, they falsely claim that it will make sport and its coverage unviable,” Rev. Costello said.
“The Matildas and the amazing coverage just proves them completely wrong. We know that when tobacco advertisements were banned from sports, the major codes continued to thrive. They will do so again.”

Rev. Costello said other advertisers would quickly fill any void left by tobacco advertising. This has proved true by the sponsors for the women’s World Cup which includes A\didas, Coca-Cola, Kia, Visa, Qantas, McDonald’s, Unilever, Xero and Cadbury.

“Both sides of politics need to understand the white-hot anger that is out in the community in respect of gambling advertising, It is a bbq-stopper, and if there is a failure to seize this opportunity to crackdown on gambling ads, there will be a voter backlash.”

Tim Costello is available for interview

Media contact: Martin Thomas – 0477 340 704

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