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Carol Bennett

Chief Executive Officer

Message from the CEO

If you had arrived in Australia from another country in the last month and tuned into our media for the first time, you would think we are a country with an obsession about the impact of gambling. The media coverage is unprecedented. Of course this has not been the case in recent years.  Gambling harm has been a hidden issue.  Australians have been blind to our position as the world’s biggest gambling losers. 

The successive casino inquiries, Royal Commissions and the NSW Crime Commission report together with saturation online and broadcast sports gambling advertising have shone a spotlight on our gambling - hopefully for the good.  

With State elections coming up in Victoria and NSW, it is pleasing to see more focus on gambling as a key election issue - especially in NSW where the big policy discussion focuses on the NSW Crime Commission recommendation for a cashless gambling card.  This follows bipartisan support in Tasmania for exactly that, a first for Australia mandatory pre-commitment scheme and cashless gambling card.  The Alliance welcomes these developments and strongly supports this policy direction as one of the best ways to reduce gambling related harm.

It was pleasing to see the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs announce the Inquiry into Online gambling and its impact on those experiencing gambling harm.  I note that the original title was changed by the committee - who listened to the request of those with lived experience - to reflect a less stigmatising approach.  

The Alliance has provided a submission to the Online Gambling Inquiry together with 10 of our lived experience representatives (both in our submission and in separate submissions).  Our submission was the subject of a major news article and The Alliance looks forward to an opportunity to provide evidence on our submission to the committee.

It was fitting that all of this activity co-incided with Gambling Harm Awareness Week in October and we used that as an opportunity to host an event in Deer Park to coincide with the launch of our poker machine opening hours policy paper.  A big thank you to Carolyn Crawford who has spent many hours compiling information about opening hours across Victoria’s pubs and clubs.     

On the media front, interest just keeps growing exponentially and especially in NSW.  In the last two weeks the Alliance has had multiple opinion pieces published in key media outlets including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian and the Canberra Times. 

In Victoria, yet another record fine was handed to Crown Casino ($120m) for breaches of responsible service of gambling.  This is quite incredible, especially when you consider that the maximum fine was $1m just a few months ago!  

Sports gambling advertising is another media topic gaining momentum as an important national issue, and the Online Gambling Inquiry will only continue to attract attention and calls for action to end or restrict gambling ads.  

I hope you enjoy reading about the work we are doing to continue to drive the increasing community, media and political focus on the impact of gambling in Australia. 

Let me finish with a gentle reminder that the amazing work of the Alliance is only possible because of the generosity of people who share our commitment to making Australia a safer and fairer place.  The support you have given us has enabled the Alliance to take on one of the most powerful industry groups in Australia.  We are starting to make a real difference, the conversation is changing, and with your continued support we can and will reduce gambling harm in Australia. 

You can donate to support us here.

Carol Bennett

Alliance for Gambling Reform CEO

Gambling Harm Awareness Week 2022 - highlighting the need for uniform opening hours


Alliance for Gambling Reform advocate Carolyn Crawford and chief advocate Tim Costello (front) led a meeting of state election candidates and community members calling for changes to the gambling industry in Deer Park. (Image credit Damian Janevski) 

Gambling Harm Awareness Week was held 16-24 October in most states, and we used the opportunity to raise awareness about gambling harm as well as launching our Victorian Election policy platform.

Our Election policy platform launch took place at a well-attended event in Deer Park, Melbourne where we highlighted the need for uniform opening hours throughout Victoria.

Situated in one of the most stressed areas of Victoria, our team and supporters went on a stroll between venues, with clubs staggering opening hours within a 5-minute walk of each other. And this is just one example of how easy ‘venue hopping’ is, and why we need uniform hours of operation for poker machine venues.

Special thanks to Carolyn Crawford, a lived experience advocate, for courageously sharing her story of gambling harm. Thank you also Rev Tim Costello for sharing the message with local councillors and political candidates present, calling on them to change the laws for uniform hours of operation, with calls for a shutdown of poker machine rooms in the community between midnight and 10 AM.

Learn more about the event, our Victorian Election policy platform or read our Uniform Opening Hours policy paper

You can also read more about the urgent need for opening hours reform in Rev Tim Costello’s Opinion piece, published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

NSW Crime Commission Report and cashless gambling cards


The New South Wales Crime Commission released their long-awaited Inquiry into Money Laundering via EGMs in Pubs and Clubs

This ground-breaking report showed evidence of money laundering and high levels of gambling harm throughout pubs and clubs in NSW; along with proposed solutions to rectify these issues.

It’s worth noting that this report came just days after it was announced that Tasmania has bi-partisan support for Mandatory pre-commitment and cashless gambling cards for all EGMs (poker machines) in pubs and clubs and the casino in Tasmania. 

We commend Tasmania’s decision - supporting the  first recommendation of the Crime Commission report and many more inquiries before it.

Tim’s latest Opinion piece published in the Canberra Times touches on the NSW Crime Commission Report, “The Federal Government must introduce a national gambling regulator”

Maximum Bets Paper

Screenshot 2022-11-14 123130.png

What can be done to actively reduce gambling harm in the absence of political will for mandatory pre-commitment and cashless cards?  Reducing maximum bets.

Poker machines are the leading cause of gambling harm losses in Australia.  With current maximum bet limits ranging from $5/spin to unrestricted,  this policy could potentially reduce losses from $1,200 per hour to $120 per hour.


We launched our Maximum Bets Paper in the ACT where mandatory pre-commitment and cashless gambling cards seem far from a reality anytime soon. 

Read our Maximum Bets Paper and our press release to find out more.

Melbourne Cityscape

Victorian State Election Platform

With the Victorian State Election taking place on Saturday 26 November 2022, the Alliance is calling on politicians to take gambling harm reduction seriously with 3 key recommendations:

1. Uniform Closing Hours of Poker Machine Venues

The Alliance is calling for a 2am to 6am mandatory closing period for all poker machine venues, and a commitment for an incremental change which sees all gambling rooms closed between midnight to 10 AM.

2. Universal Precommitment

The Alliance is advocating for a mandatory, binding pre-commitment system for all poker machines in Victoria, not just in casinos.

3. Maximum $1 bets.
As per our policy paper, the Alliance recommends a maximum $1 bet limit per button push on poker machine venues.


The Alliance will also campaign in NSW in the upcoming March 2023 Election.  More to come on that.  You can read the full details of our Victorian State Election Platform here.


Federal Inquiry into online gambling and its impact on those experiencing gambling harm

It’s no surprise that online gambling is the fastest growing form of gambling (and associated harms) in Australia.
That’s one of the reasons we welcome the Federal Inquiry into online gambling.

The Alliance has outlined 19 recommendations across 7 key areas.  You can read our submission here


Importantly, this inquiry also looks into the impact of people experiencing gambling harm.  We are pleased that so many of our Voices have participated by providing submissions (including in our submission).  

One of those who has shared his story is lived experience Advocate, Gavin Fineff lost everything to sports gambling.
His story is something every Australian should know about.
Gavin has generously shared his submission with us. You can read it here.

The Alliance is pleased to see that online gambling companies must ditch the “gamble responsibly” tagline when advertising their services by March next year, and instead use up to seven new evidence-backed taglines. Rate them here

I accept my punishment. I can't accept the destruction continuing.  Every day, more people are being hurt. Families, community services, the courts and the public are all picking up the cost.

Help us to fight against online gambling harm in Australia.

Congratulations Rev Tim Costello


Alliance for Gambling Reform's Chief Advocate Rev. Tim Costello is one of Australia’s most respected community leaders and a sought-after voice on social justice issues, leadership and ethics.

This month, he has been awarded ACFID’s Outstanding Contribution to the Sector Award!  Well deserved Tim!

Rebecca Paterson
Supporters and Councils Coordinator

Rebecca Paterson joins our team

The Alliance is delighted to welcome Rebecca Paterson to the role of Supporters and Councils Coordinator.  Rebecca has been supporting the work of the Alliance in the last 9 years in her role as a councillor at the City of Monash and is keen to play an even greater role in much needed reform of the industry. 


Rebecca has hit the ground running, already making a submission to the VGCCC on new poker machine licenses in one of our leadership council areas as well as reaching out to council contacts.  In the coming weeks, she will present to the VicHealth Space Invaders conference on predatory industries about why it is vital that gambling is viewed and treated as a public health issue. Together with the Alliance's Advocacy and Policy Lead, Rose O'Leary, Rebecca will present to the Victorian Local Government Association's Local Government Working Group on Gambling. 


Rebecca says 'I'm really excited to join the wonderful team at the Alliance, and really looking forward to working with all of our passionate supporters and councils. I hope to meet you all over the coming months.  I feel really privileged to be a part of this organisation, which with the aid of dedicated supporters and councils, is making a tangible difference to the impact gambling has on all our lives and on our communities. My role revolves around the councils and supporters, so please feel free to get in touch with questions or ideas, and I'd be delighted to be able to assist you.'



Opinion Pieces


Can we really trust clubs to help gamblers?

Martin Thomas

The Canberra Times


The ACT is among the most advanced in the country in pushing towards a mandatory, cashless gambling card.

Evidence shows such a card with pre-set and binding limits will be the best weapon we have in effectively curbing gambling harm.

And according to the NSW Crime Commission it will not only limit gambling harm but it will also tackle the billions of dollars from the proceeds of crime that is fed into poker machines across the country every year.


Gambling industry now targeting and grooming children

Martin Thomas

The Canberra Times


Our kids are being deliberately targeted and groomed by the gambling industry.

A new pilot study released by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education last week revealed children as young as 14 were being targeted by social media ads urging them to download gambling apps on their phones.


Gender-based violence, gambling and the hypocrisy of the AFL

By Tim Costello - Chief Advocate - Alliance for Gambling Reform

The Canberra Times


Amid the national spotlight that has finally shone on Australia’s domestic violence crisis, the AFL decided that in all their games last weekend they would highlight the issue with a minute’s silence before play.

While it was poignant to see young men standing in solidarity with women against violence, for the AFL itself the move was hypocritical.

The AFL reaps multiple millions of dollars from gambling sponsorship and advertising – the losses from gambling are a substantial factor fuelling domestic violence – so without greater action against gambling the league is simply ‘virtue signalling’.

In The News


Pokies clubs are meant to use a tax break for good. But this is what they spent $242m on

The Sydney Morning Herald

Victorian pokies clubs are using hundreds of millions of dollars from a lucrative tax break to pay for wages, venue decorations and pay-TV subscriptions, prompting calls for the state government to overhaul the concession.

In Victoria, club venue operators receive a favourable tax rate compared with hotels, but must contribute a proportion of their net gaming machine revenue – 8.33 per cent – back to the community each financial year.


BWS gains licence for New South Wales lottery sales


Three BWS stores have secured a licence to sell lottery products in Sydney.

The move was criticised by the Gambling Reform Alliance. It says lottery should not have more lenient treatment than other forms of gambling, noting that a study published in the Addictive Behaviors journal said nearly one-third of people who exclusively gamble on lotteries are at some level of risk related to gambling.


Cruise Line Faces Backlash After Man Commits Suicide Following Casino Losses


It’s really concerning that when a ship sails 12 nautical miles off the coast it can allow anything and everything to happen,” Carol Bennett, the CEO of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, told Daily Mail Australia. “You would expect this cruise line would have some kind of duty of care to ensure that people are not plied with inducements, promotions, and advertisements that are pushing them to gamble to extremely harmful levels.”


Alleged data leak blackmailer could face years in jail

Eden Magnet

Alliance for Gambling Reform said the breach could have been avoided by a centralised, secure universal cashless gambling card system. "This breach highlights just how unaccountable clubs are and how haphazard they are with the mountain of private information they routinely collect from the public, without direct consent," chief executive Carol Bennett said in a statement.


Man arrested after club visitor data exposed in breach

The Senior

Alliance for Gambling Reform said the breach could have been avoided by a centralised, secure universal cashless gambling card system. "This breach highlights just how unaccountable clubs are and how haphazard they are with the mountain of private information they routinely collect from the public, without direct consent," chief executive Carol Bennett said in a statement.


The power of the people will change this

Community Radio Geelong

In this radio interview Interim CEO Martin Thomas joins Rob Cameron to discuss the pressing issues surrounding gambling:

👥 The profound social consequences and personal impacts of gambling.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The devastating ripple effects of gambling harm on families and friends.
💸 The millions spent by gambling companies to use the latest technology to make games addictive.
😡 The rising public outrage, particularly concerning gambling advertisements.
📣 The importance of amplifying #VoicesForGamblingReform and their crucial stories.
📑 The urgent need to act on the Peta Murphy report and its 31 recommendations.
🚫 The necessity of addressing political donations from gambling companies.
🗣️ How the community can raise their voices against gambling harm.


Increasing availability of lottery tickets and scratchies is 'normalising' gambling, advocates say

ABC News

Many consider buying a lotto ticket every now and then a harmless activity and scratchies are often shared as gifts. However, Gambling Reform Alliance chief executive Carol Bennett said the risks of lotteries should not be underestimated.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform argued lotteries should not be treated more leniently than other betting activities.


Canberra club members believed to be spared worst of data breach


The Alliance for Gambling Reform (AGR) took the opportunity to “spotlight the need for cashless gambling cards”. “This breach highlights just how unaccountable clubs are and how haphazard they are with the mountain of private information they routinely collect from the public – without direct consent,” CEO Carol Bennett said.


Man charged with blackmail over clubs data leak

The New Daily

Alliance for Gambling Reform said the breach could have been avoided by a centralised, secure universal cashless gambling card system. “This breach highlights just how unaccountable clubs are and how haphazard they are with the mountain of private information they routinely collect from the public, without direct consent,” chief executive Carol Bennett said.


First NSW cashless gaming trial results criticised as further trials continue

Drinks Trade

The report into the cashless gaming trial conducted at Wests Newcastle has received criticism from various industry stakeholders after it showed the technology to have little impact on the behaviour of gamblers.

The main areas of concern have stemmed from the trial’s lack of harm-reducing features and lack of features that encourage continued participation.

“It was mostly about testing the technology and a little bit of a hint towards harm minimisation,” said Carol Bennet, CEO of the Alliance for Gambling Reform.

“I would have liked to see more on the harm minimisation front.”


“How can I stop gambling ads?”

It’s no secret that sports gambling advertising has increased exponentially, with free-to-air TV broadcasting almost 1000 ads per day-  even during prime family viewing.
Want to help us end gambling ads? Here’s how!


1. Report the advertising to Freeview Australia, and the ACMA.

For complaints about the frequency of gambling advertisements:

2. For complaints about the content of gambling advertisements (where they are offensive or misleading):


Key things to include are:

The channel, the time, the number of gambling ads (including companies); and why you are calling on them to take action.

You can find all of the information about this here.

Social Media

It has been busy for gambling reform in Australia with action across multiple states, with our CEO, Chief Advocate and our Voices advocates (including Anna Bardsley on ABC national news) featuring in all major media outlets.

Here’s some of the highlights!

  • On November 9, Our Chief Advocate, Rev Tim Costello called out the NSW Labor party regarding their inaction in the wake of the findings of NSW Crime Commission. You can read his Opinion piece here

  • Rev Costello also published an opinion piece in the Canberra Times, calling for a National Regulator, and raising awareness of how the industry preys on the most vulnerable members of our society.

  • The alarming findings of the NSW Crime Commission underscore the critical need for the NSW Government to urgently introduce a cashless gambling card across all its pubs, clubs and casinos. More from Chief Advocate Rev Tim Costello 👉

  • "I can't imagine another sector where we would see these kinds of breaches and criminal activity occurring where there would be no consequences. Absolutely none."
    - Alliance for Gambling Reform CEO Carol Bennett. Research has found that casinos have facilitated money laundering and colluded with criminals - so why haven't any charges been brought against executives or directors?
    Watch the ABC news report here 👉


  • We’ve also called for uniform operating hours of EGM venues throughout Victoria:
    Poker machine venues must close for four hours a day, but the specific hours are not mandated. The laws are ineffective and larger operators have exploited a loophole to allow people to continue to gamble 24 hours a day. Despite this, there are a few reasons to be optimistic. Read Rev Costello's OpEd in The Age.

    You can read our policy paper here. It makes recommendations about a sensible, mandatory closing time from midnight to 10am.

  • Our CEO, Ms Carol Bennett, featured in the New Daily, discussing the welcome (small) steps of changing the ‘gamble responsibly’ tagline.  “For too long we have blamed individuals for gambling harm and in fact, we know that gambling is a public health issue and it should be treated as one”.

  • We’ve also celebrated Ladbrokes and Neds hearing the outcry of gamble advertising, and removing sports guernsey advertising from 2023.

  • We’ve shared the latest independent survey of 1611 eligible voters, showing that 61% thought gambling ads should be banned. 👉

  • We’ve celebrated out Leadership Councils, such as Hobson’s Bay, with their fantastic gambling harm reduction policies

  • Our Lived experience advocates have shared their stories from personal losses.
    You can read Daniel’s story, from Regional Ballarat; as well as our Voices, Paul and Anna featuring on SBS’s “Too hard basket” podcast. *warning: these stories contain triggering themes.


  • There have been calls for Star Casino in Queensland to lose its licence, with our Chief Advocate, Tim Costello calling that they should be found unfit to hold a casino licence in Queensland. (read more here)

Missed any news?
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the Alliance for Gambling Reform

"I am proud to support you at Alliance for Gambling Reform - the work you and Tim Costello and your team do is very important.  I don’t want my kids and grandkids thinking gambling is a normal part of watching sport, going to a club or hotel, or even just being on-line.  Gambling should not be such a fundamental part of Australian culture." David


If you want to join David and hundreds of our supporters helping us make Australia a better place - donate here.

The Alliance is an independent charity reliant on donations and supporters to continue the work we do. The need for our work has grown substantially over the last few years so we need your help to ensure we are able to grow with the critical need for change!


Financially we are a drop in the ocean compared to the gambling industry, yet this movement is picking up pace and thanks to you, change is happening.

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