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Whether it’s during news or family programming, we’ve all seen an upsurge in ads glamorising and normalising gambling during this crisis. It’s time to get gambling ads off our screens for good.

Commercial broadcasters make big bucks peddling gambling on their networks and streaming platforms. With so many Australians confined to their homes, it’s irresponsible and downright exploitative for them to be profiteering from harm.

The only way to #EndGamblingAds for good is for broadcasters to know viewers will switch off if they don’t stop profiteering from gambling.


For complaints about the frequency of gambling advertisements:


For complaints about the content of gambling advertisements (where they are offensive or misleading):

Tips for making an effective complaint:

  • Ensure you express why you want to #EndGamblingAds, e.g: 

    • They’re harmful to kids.

    • They normalise gambling and gambling is dangerous and harmful.

    • They’re offensive or irritating.

    • They take advantage of a community already very vulnerable in a time of crisis.

  • Make sure they also know they’ll lose you as a viewer if they don’t commit to #EndGamblingAds. There are plenty of streaming services that don’t market harmful products ready for your custom (such as Netflix, Stan, Apple TV, ABC etc). 

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