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Thank you
for your support

Our organisation relies on the generosity of people like you who share our vision to enjoy a just, healthy, and prosperous Australia, where people can happily socialise together, and flourish without the harm created by gambling.


Your contribution is vital for us to continue advocating for much needed gambling reform across Australia and your donation is tax deductible. 


How else can you contribute to gambling reform?

  • Follow us on social media facebook, twitter, linkedin and share and comment on the latest reform news

  • Keep an eye out for new campaigns from the Alliance and sign our latest petitions

  • Help us challenge the stigma embedded in industry rhetoric on gambling and use terminology from our language guide developed in partnership with advocates who have lived experience of gambling harm

  • Write to your local State and Federal Members of Parliament and tell them why you think reform is important, and what you want them to do about it

  • Is your local Council an Alliance Leadership Council? If not, whichever State or Territory you are in, write to your Councillors and tell them why you think they should partner with the Alliance to support gambling reform

  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the Alliance, and why you are taking action on gambling reform

Thank you again for your invaluable support. Through working together, we challenge the normalisation of gambling in this country and can achieve desperately needed reform.

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