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Tribute to Peta Murphy, a gambling reform champion

4 Dec 2023

The Alliance for Gambling Reform is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Federal MP for Dunkley Peta Murphy.

“We’ve lost a real champion for gambling reform,” the CEO of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Carol Bennett, said.
“As the Chair of the Federal Inquiry into online gambling and its impacts on those experiencing gambling harm, her determination to get to the bottom of the critical issues and harm experienced by the community shone through in her questioning of witnesses.”
“Her work lead to a significant report with 31 recommendations that if implemented, will arrest the increasingly devastating impact that online gambling and advertising is having on our nation.”

Ms Bennett said Peta had an unparalleled passion for ensuring that the experiences of those who had been impacted by gambling harm were central to the government's response to this issue.

“We are so grateful for her commitment to taking a public health approach to gambling and putting public interest ahead of vested interest in framing gambling reforms” she said.
“Our thoughts are with her family and the people of Dunkley who have lost a fierce advocate for their community in Federal Parliament.”

Chief Advocate for the Alliance, Rev. Tim Costello, said Peta was ‘a friend, a neighbour and a gambling reform champion’.

“Peta was the bravest woman I know, serving the community until the very end,” Rev Costello said.

Media contact: Martin Thomas – 0477 340 704

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