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Dear Premier, Minister Horne, and Shadow Minister O'Brien,

33 recommendations were made by Commissioner Finkelstein and 9 of those have already been legislated. However, 24 of those recommendations, including those relating to preventing gambling harm, are due to Parliament this year.

Evidence shows recommendation 10, an introduction of a full, universal, binding, pre-commitment system will have a major impact on reducing harm. The Government has committed to introducing it in the casino, but that does not go far enough. We need this sort of harm prevention measure in our state's mini casinos - pubs and clubs.

A universal pre-commitment scheme in Victoria would allow each person to set their own reasonable time and money limits daily, weekly or monthly on poker machines. A universal system will also destigmatise the card, which internationally has shown benefits to reduce and prevent gambling harm.

Please implement universal pre-commitment across our state to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.

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