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Let's turn the inquiry recommendations into action

The national online gambling inquiry recommendations are in – now we need your help to turn the recommendations into real government action to reduce gambling harm.

On 28 June the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs released its report on the Inquiry into online gambling and its impact on people experiencing gambling harm. The recommendations are very promising, paving the way for real online gambling reform in Australia.  It is crucial that we now mount a major push and flood MPs inboxes urging bi-partisan support and commitment to all of the report’s recommendations.   


There are 31 key recommendations including a phased in comprehensive ban of all gambling ads, a national regulator and strategy, a ban on gambling inducements and so much more! You can read our detailed response to each recommendation here.  


We’ve made it super easy for you to support our campaign with a template email. All you need to do is share your postcode and it will then be addressed to your local MP. We strongly encourage you to personalise the email to maximise impact.   


The Australian Government must act immediately, and it is critical that MPs offices around Australia are flooded with the same message - the report recommendations are game changers when it comes to preventing and reducing online gambling harm in Australia! 


Authorised by C. Bennett, Alliance for Gambling Reform, 552 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

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