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Latest Media Release

Privacy reforms highlight need to protect children from harmful product marketing

29 September 2023

Joint Media release from Foundation for Alcohol and Research (FARE), the Alliance for Gambling Reform, and Food for Health Alliance: Public health organisations have welcomed the Federal Government's acknowledgement that more needs to be done to protect children through the ongoing Privacy Act Review, and look forward to opportunities to engage further in the detail relating to how we can best keep children safe online.

In The News

Strong links between gambling and suicide need to be considered in reform

New research undertaken by Federation University in collaboration with the Coroners Court of Victoria, examined the Victorian Suicide Register which revealed at least 184 suicides were directly related to gambling. There were another 17 gambling-attributed suicides by "affected others" such as family members.

The Canberra Times

20 September 2023


The Alliance as CEO Carol Bennett and Chief Advocate Tim Costello met with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to discuss gambling harm in Australia.

Excellent meetings on Monday 8 August between Alliance CEO Carol Bennett and Chief Advocate Tim Costello and Rebekha Sharkie MP, Kate Chaney MP, Zoe Daniel, and David Pocock at Parliament House, Canberra. Great to see such support for gambling reform from our independents!


September 2023 Newsletter

There is usually a lull in Canberra over the winter break from parliament, but for those of us working towards gambling reform, this has been a very busy period. The Federal Parliament is now focusing on gambling reform, especially in the wake of the federal inquiry into online gambling and its impact on those experiencing gambling harm. Change is on the way.

Tim and I had the opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese to discuss the reforms and the Alliance’s views on the government’s response to the inquiry report. We have also met with the Leader of the Federal Opposition, Peter Dutton; Office of the Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland; Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth; federal crossbench MPs and Greens Senator Janet Rice to discuss the way forward on online gambling.  

Significant and Meaningful gambling reform in Victoria announced

The Alliance has welcomed the changes to poker machine regulation in Victoria announced on Sunday 16 July 2023, declaring they will make a significant difference in reducing gambling harm in the State.

The Victorian reforms announced include mandatory venue closures for every pub and club’s gambling area from 4am to 10am, the introduction of carded play with set loss limits of no more than $100 loaded at a time and reducing to 3 seconds the spin rates on new machines among other reforms to education, training and counselling services.

Screenshot 2023-07-20 083121.png

Carolyn Crawford, now in her 70s, is an advocate for gambling reform. Credit: Paul Jeffers/AAP

I am extremely pleased with the announcement today of the changes to opening hours, mandatory pre-commitment, and reduced spin rates. If these changes had been in place when I was gambling, I would not have ended up in prison, Carolyn said.

Screenshot 2023-07-20 082632.png

Premier Daniel Andrews, Minister Melissa Horne and Alliance lived experience advocate, Carolyn Crawford (centre) at the launch of the reforms. Credit: Supplied/Victorian Government

You win some, you lose more – online gambling and its impacts on those experiencing gambling harm.

The Alliance’s response to the recommendations

The Alliance welcomes the long-awaited work of the Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs Report of the inquiry into online gambling and its impacts on those experiencing gambling harm.

Screenshot 2023-06-28 142721.png

The Alliance for Gambling Reform (The Alliance) has been concerned about the impact of gambling-like features in both computer games and phone apps for many years. It is not only one element of Australian children being groomed to become gamblers, but it is also being impacted by harm very similar and on-par with gambling harm due to loot boxes. There are a number of useful studies as well as international case studies that provide the Australian Government with the evidence it needs to go further when it comes to classifications of video games, and the Alliance would strongly urge the government to ensure this legislation includes phone apps. READ MORE


City Lights


The risk of gambling harm from poker machines increases after dark. We know that the high levels of harm being experienced by people in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning are avoidable. 
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It's time to kick gambling ads out of sport!
Sign the petition and find out more about how you can stand with us to end gambling ads here!



nline gambling participation has increased exponentially over the past few years and the true extent of its impacts and reach are still being fully understood. However, the evidence available shows significant gambling harm being experienced online by young people and vulnerable community groups with a significant increase in online wagering companies profits over the past few years. Click here to learn more and take action

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Rev Tim Costello
Chief Advocate

Some of our largest companies and investment funds have a vested interest in poker machine gambling. Governments want few restraints given that $5.5 billion flow into their coffers every year. This is a difficult problem to unlock. Many Australians have a stake in the future of the gambling industry through their superannuation, equity investments and participation in clubs and pubs.

Over the past twenty years this is an industry that has been unleashed on Australia, without reasonable regulatory controls or even a genuine community conversation.

Australian Currency

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Latest News

Strong links between gambling and suicide need to be considered in reform

The Canberra Times

20 Sept 2023

New research undertaken by Federation University in collaboration with the Coroners Court of Victoria, examined the Victorian Suicide Register which revealed at least 184 suicides were directly related to gambling. There were another 17 gambling-attributed suicides by "affected others" such as family members.

New analysis on link between gambling and suicide

ABC Listen

12 Sept 2023

New research has shed light on the link between gambling and suicide, after analysis of Coroner's Court cases in Victoria.

Advocates for gambling reform say it supports anecdotal evidence of what they're seeing on the ground, and they're calling for urgent action from state and federal governments.

Carol Bennett on Gold Coast Breakfast

ABC Gold Coast

14 Sept 2023

Alliance CEO Carol Bennett comments on the legislation to be introduced by the Anthony Albanese Labor Government to Parliament today which include a ban on credit card payments and fines for companies who don’t enforce it. While these reforms are significant, we would like to see them include lotteries ABC Gold Coast

Pokies reforms: Clubs push for review of ‘dated’ self-exclusion programs

The Age

11 Sept 2023

Alliance for Gambling Reform chief executive Carol Bennett said her organisation would welcome improvements.

She said a mishmash of different jurisdictions and gambling companies running their own programs had led to huge failures.

“There is a mismatch between the technology and some of these very outdated schemes that don’t really do what they were intended to do or have found to be in breach of the very purpose they were set up,” Bennett said.

“It really is an area that is very important to people who are harmed by gambling ... They need to feel confident in the system and, at the moment, it’s hard to say that.”

Advocates welcome gambling credit ban, but question lotto exemption

The New Daily

13 Sept 2023

Carol Bennett, CEO of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, told The New Daily that Australians are the biggest online gamblers in the world.

“This is great legislation in the sense it addresses the need for a ban on credit, digital wallets and digital currencies,” she said.

“These are things that mean people are gambling with money they simply don’t have to lose.”

CEO Carol Bennett on signage laws in NSW

2GB Sydney

5 Sept 2023

Alliance CEO Carol Bennett joined Bill Woods on 2GB Sydney to discuss the ‘new’ signage laws in NSW. “The Irony is that this was already enabled under the Gambling Act of 2001, so it’s a bit of nonsense to suggest it’s a new measure.”

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