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Predatory gambling ads must be part of nation’s online safety regime

17 April 2024

The Federal Government must urgently act to close a loophole that excludes predatory online gambling advertising targeting children from being included in the nation’s basic online safety code.

Under current definitions the nation’s Basic Online Safety Expectations (BOSE) gambling advertising is not included among online harms such as hate speech, cyber-bullying and child sexual exploitation.

“The warp-speed growth of online gambling advertising – particularly targeting children and young people – means the government must act urgently to update its actions to protect people online,” the chief executive of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Carol Bennett, said.



Departing CEO praised for gambling reform achievements

8 April 2024

The Chair of the Alliance for Gambling Reform has praised the achievements of its chief executive, Carol Bennett, in putting gambling harm ‘front and centre’ of the nation’s conscience.

Ms Bennett has this week announced her plans to leave the organisation, saying she was proud of what she was able to achieve in the two and half years in the role.

“Carol has worked tirelessly and successfully to highlight the terrible damage Australia’s gambling epidemic is inflicting on people, families and communities across the nation,” Alliance board chair, Sharon Dickson, said.

“Under Carol’s leadership and the work of Tim Costello, the board, staff and our supporters, AGR has been very successful in delivering real progress for gambling reform in Australia.” >>READ MORE

Alliance in Action



Online gambling participation has increased exponentially over the past few years and the true extent of its impacts and reach are still being fully understood. However, the evidence available shows significant gambling harm being experienced online by young people and vulnerable community groups with a significant increase in online wagering companies profits over the past few years.

Key Documents:

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It's time to kick gambling ads out of sport!Sign the petition and find out more about how you can stand with us to end gambling ads here!

Sign the petition to #EndGamblingAds Here

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Media Releases:



The Alliance welcomed the recommendations in the independent external review of the Queensland operations of Star and Palaszczuk Government’s announcement to accept all the recommendations in principle. The Alliance also acknowledges the effort of the Queensland Government to replace terms such as ‘problem gambler’ and ‘responsible gambling’ in relevant legislation and replace it with wording to reduce stigma and shame. This is a positive, nation-leading step by the Queensland Government.



"Too important to fail." If Tasmania successfully progresses with its plans to introduce a mandatory cashless gambling card with binding and default limits , it will represent the ‘gold standard’ in reducing gambling harm and money laundering. It’s a move that is critically needed in Tasmania. We hope that no matter the outcome of the upcoming election, that this promise is not compromised. More with the Alliance's Tim Costello.

Media Releases:


On Friday February 9, the Alliance's Rebecca Paterson joined Digital Rights Watch and EFA : Electronic Frontiers Australia to present an open letter signed by 22 organisations to Attorney General Mark Dreyfus. The letter called on the Federal government to commit to bold reform of Australia’s Privacy Act to protect the safety and privacy of children.


On 28 November 2023.  Alliance Chief Advocate Tim Costello and CEO Carol Bennett joined Zoe Daniel, Kate Chaney MP and mum Cecelia Aull and her daughter Annabelle at a press conference at Australian Parliament House in Canberra calling on the federal government to ban gambling ads. Will the Anthony Albanese government have the resolve to stare down the gambling industry and other vested interests to act in the best interest of the public?’

Alliance in the News

First NSW cashless gaming trial results criticised as further trials continue

Drinks Trade

24 Apr 2024

The report into the cashless gaming trial conducted at Wests Newcastle has received criticism from various industry stakeholders after it showed the technology to have little impact on the behaviour of gamblers.

The main areas of concern have stemmed from the trial’s lack of harm-reducing features and lack of features that encourage continued participation.

“It was mostly about testing the technology and a little bit of a hint towards harm minimisation,” said Carol Bennet, CEO of the Alliance for Gambling Reform.

“I would have liked to see more on the harm minimisation front.”

NSW Netball Teams Back Gambling Ad Ban


5 Apr 2024

The mistake raised calls for gambling advertising reform with the ground-based ads engraining gambling practice within the sport itself. According to the Alliance For Gambling Reform, three in every four kids believe that gambling is a normal part of sports, and anyone 12 or younger has never watched a sporting game without bearing witness to gambling advertising of some capacity.

Pokies venues bet on community goodwill over gambling revenue

Institute of Community Directors Australia

16 Apr 2024

Faced with inaction from government, some pokies venues are taking matters into their own hands to stem community losses from gambling, writes Alliance for Gambling Reform CEO Carol Bennett.

There is a growing backlash against gambling in Australia.

Across Australia’s eastern states, clubs and pubs are increasingly shunning poker machines.

In some cases, it’s a response to falling revenue, but mostly it is a response by clubs and pubs to the growing anger across the nation about the intolerable and devastating gambling losses we all pay a price for.

“An Error Was Made In Round One”: Tabcorp Admits To Breaching Its Own Advertising Rules


3 Apr 2024

The mistake has raised calls for gambling advertising reform with the ground-based ads engraining gambling practice within the sport itself. According to the Alliance For Gambling Reform, three in every four kids believe that gambling is a normal part of sports, and anyone 12 or younger has never watched a sporting game without bearing witness to gambling advertising of some capacity.

“I am now reluctant to allow my child to view the footy fixture online due to the ‘Bet Easy’ icon next to the game. I also feel annoyed and dismayed at the AFL that they have allowed a gambling company to infiltrate the game,” an anonymous source told the Alliance For Gambling Reform.

This community club took extreme measures to kill off its pokies

The Age

6 Apr 2024

“The Hastings Club is reacting to state regulations that limit its capacity to meet increased liabilities at a time when returns from gambling are diminishing,” said the Alliance for Gambling Reform chief executive Carol Bennett.

“The government should be providing clubs every opportunity to surrender poker machine entitlements for the benefit of the community, but this is unlikely given the parlous budgetary situation in Victoria,” she said.

“A government focussed on reducing gambling harm would strive to reduce overall pokies entitlements altogether. Revenue from gambling should not be propping up the Victorian budget.”

'Dud' policy or 'absolutely essential'? Battlelines drawn over the best ways to reduce gambling harm


2 Apr 2024

Alliance for Gambling Reform CEO Carol Bennett asked why the two had to be mutually exclusive.

“Why wouldn’t we aim for both?” she asked.

ACTCOSS CEO Devin Bowles added: “Having a system that encompasses the whole jurisdiction is absolutely essential if we want to minimise gambling harms.”

April 2024 

The past week was a reminder of just how bizarre the narrative around gambling and its role in Australian culture can be when it comes to what, and even whether, gambling harm is experienced let alone the solutions to address it. The calling into question of extensive evidence and recommendations put forward by numerous inquiries and reviews from Royal Commissions and organisations such as the NSW Crime Commission was surreal.  

In giving evidence to the ACT Inquiry into Cashless Gambling on 27 March 2024, Tim and I called for cashless gambling including harm reduction features - reforms that would address the escalating losses in a small jurisdiction of less than 500,000 people. Let's hope for the sake of Canberrans that common sense will prevail rather than the fantasy world inhabited by gambling industry lobbyists who seem to deny any harms or any evidence that runs counter to them increasing their profits (even in their not-for-profit clubs)... READ MORE

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