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Online inducements leading to riskier gambling - Betting companies exploiting loophole, targeting people in debt 

9 July 2024

Betting companies are taking advantage of weak advertising and consumer protection laws to offer inducements that encourage riskier bets and are cynically targeting people with gambling problems through tailored, personalised marketing.


Inducements are insidiously packaged so a customer feels they are taking a ‘safer bet’, when research shows it actually leads to more intense betting and greater losses, according to a new Alliance for Gambling Reform policy paper released today.


Melbourne Cityscape

Review of flawed community grants scheme applauded - Vic clubs rorting of loophole has to stop

2 July 2024

The State Government will review the Victorian Community Benefits Scheme after analysis released by The Alliance revealed clubs across the state were granting themselves an average of 77% of all the ‘community’ grants’ they made.


Alliance in Action



Online gambling participation has increased exponentially over the past few years and the true extent of its impacts on our communities are still being understood. However, the evidence currently available shows significant gambling harm being experienced online by young people and vulnerable community groups with a massive increase in online wagering companies profits over the past few years.

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It's time to kick gambling ads out of sport! Sign the petition and find out more about how you can stand with us to end gambling ads here!

Sign the petition to #EndGamblingAds Here

Key Documents:




The Alliance welcomed the recommendations in the independent external review of the Queensland operations of Star and Palaszczuk Government’s announcement to accept all the recommendations in principle. The Alliance also acknowledges the effort of the Queensland Government to replace terms such as ‘problem gambler’ and ‘responsible gambling’ in relevant legislation and replace it with wording to reduce stigma and shame. This is a positive, nation-leading step by the Queensland Government.



"Too important to fail." If Tasmania successfully progresses with its plans to introduce a mandatory cashless gambling card with binding and default limits , it will represent the ‘gold standard’ in reducing gambling harm and money laundering. It’s a move that is critically needed in Tasmania. We hope that no matter the outcome of the upcoming election, that this promise is not compromised. More with the Alliance's Tim Costello.

Media Releases:


On Friday February 9, the Alliance's Rebecca Paterson joined Digital Rights Watch and EFA : Electronic Frontiers Australia to present an open letter signed by 22 organisations to Attorney General Mark Dreyfus. The letter called on the Federal government to commit to bold reform of Australia’s Privacy Act to protect the safety and privacy of children.


On 28 November 2023.  Alliance Chief Advocate Tim Costello and CEO Carol Bennett joined Zoe Daniel, Kate Chaney MP and mum Cecelia Aull and her daughter Annabelle at a press conference at Australian Parliament House in Canberra calling on the federal government to ban gambling ads. Will the Anthony Albanese government have the resolve to stare down the gambling industry and other vested interests to act in the best interest of the public?’

Alliance in the News

Labor urged to outlaw betting ‘rewards’ luring Australians into gambling

The Guardian

9 July 2024

The Alliance for Gambling Reform blamed weak advertising and consumer protection laws for the promotions it says are carefully designed to make customers believe they are placing “safer” bets and that a win is more likely.

A third of Australian bets found to be placed by problem gamblers amid warning of ‘predatory’ industry

The Guardian

27 June 2024

Roy Morgan polling of 16,000 Australians found 15.5% had bet on sport in the 12 months to March. It also revealed problem gamblers made up almost 20% of some sports betting companies’ customer base. The results were released on Tuesday by the Alliance for Gambling Reform to mark the first anniversary of a major parliamentary report calling for a ban on online gambling ads and making other recommendations. The group’s Interim CEO, Martin Thomas said: “These are huge numbers and they highlight how a predatory online gambling industry is ensnaring a whole new generation into gambling.

‘Wasted opportunity’: No recommendation on cashless gaming in ACT inquiry report


3 July 2024

Alliance for Gambling Reform chief advocate Tim Costello said there is no need for a trial.

“The evidence is overwhelming that cashless gaming works,” Reverend Costello said.

“The 1999 Productivity Commission report recommended the introduction of mandatory cashless cards.

“Canberra always boasts about how progressive it is, but it’s still dragging its feet for 25 years on cashless gaming.

“ACT and NSW Labor have $120 million of assets in pokies clubs. It’s the most obvious and horrible conflict.”

A third of Australian bets found to be placed by problem gamblers amid warning of ‘predatory’ industry

The Guardian

25 June 2024

The polling implied 3.26 million Australians had made a sports wager in the year to March – more than double the 7% found to have bet between April 2019 and March 2020.

The results were released on Tuesday by the Alliance for Gambling Reform to mark the first anniversary of a major parliamentary report calling for a ban on online gambling ads and making other recommendations.

Queensland LNP promises to increase pokies cap for clubs with more than two premises

ABC News

2 July 2024

n the 2022-23 financial year, Queenslanders lost more than more than $5 billion to gambling — of which about $3.2 billion was lost through poker machines.

Alliance for Gambling Reform interim chief executive Martin Thomas said his organisation was opposed to the proposal to increase the cap on gaming machines at clubs with multiple sites.

1 In 3 Bets Placed by Aussies Last Year Were Made By Problem Gamblers, Grim New Data Shows

Pedestrian TV

25 June 2024

The findings were released by Alliance for Gambling Reform and come on the one-year anniversary of a parliamentary report which called for stronger regulations around online gambling advertising, among other recommendations. Martin Thomas, the Interim CEO of Alliance for Gambling Reform, described the numbers in the research as “huge”, saying they highlight a “predatory online gambling industry” that is “ensnaring a whole new generation into gambling.” Thomas pointed to the “inescapable torrent” gambling ads as having a “normalising” effect on betting, and said advertising is “grooming children and young people to gamble”.

June 2024 

We continue to witness changes across Australia that seek to limit gambling harm in our community. 

These changes, such as the Federal Government move this month to ban the use of credit cards for gambling, are a tribute to you raising your voice against gambling harm and also your support of the Alliance for Gamlbing Reform. 

Yet the actions by governments across the nation are still far short of where it must be. They also fail to reflect the white-hot anger that people across our communities have towards the bombardment of gambling adverts across our screens. 

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